Detox Your Regimen

Detox your regimen!

We are serious about assisting our guests into a healthier life which includes making sure your beauty regimen is non-toxic, and giving you the best results possible. In recent months I have had multiple discussions with our beautiful guests regarding why it’s so important to purchase your skin care products directly from your Esthetician and not off a warehouse site.  So, your Refinery Esthies are about to get real with you… Please oh please STOP purchasing beauty products from Amazon, Walmart, H.E.B, Dermstore, etc… 

I know purchasing from online retailers like Amazon is “easy”, and sometimes has a little cheaper price than what you can get in spa.  However, do you even know what you’re getting? 

40% of what you buy and put on your body from Amazon, Walmart, HEB, etc is counterfeit and toxic. 

Yes, nearly half of what you may have purchased is counterfeit. And on top of that, it gets much worse, much of it is toxic. 

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement says that seized counterfeit cosmetics have been found to “contain hazardous substances, including cyanide, arsenic, mercury, lead, urine, and rat droppings.” 😵 

Since most companied use packing from China, it’s almost impossible to spot a fake. So, even products that are manufactured in FDA facilities and adhere to the strictest of standards can be faked and sold way under market value to online retailers.

So, why is it important to us to shed light on this? WE CARE ABOUR YOUR HEALTH!  We have seen firsthand the havoc that counterfeit product can have on the skin and the internal health of our guests. On more occasion than one, we have treated guests with severe rashes down to their chest that dermatologist have passed off as Eczema or psoriasis, and put them on a regimen of antibiotics that did nothing.  However, further investigation revealed that the product they were using was counterfeit.  After the product was discontinued and treated with real, impactful skin care the rash went away and the skin healed itself. 

Remember this, if your skin product(s) are causing a rash, inflammation in the skin, or ever “stop working” it’s likely counterfeit. 

Buying through a licensed professional is really the ONLY way to know that you’re getting the best product. Not to mention Estheticians are licensed professionals that are highly trained and educated in all things skin and will recommend the most impactful products for your skin concerns.  Just think about all the wasted money you have spent because you are guessing at what to use for your skin.

Our goal is always to make you feel your feel your most beautiful, healthy, confident self. We choose our brands very carefully to ensure that they are not only the BEST for our guests, but as a brand they hold the highest standards of manufacturing and distribution. Both Osmosis Beauty and Kevin murphy are professional brands that are ecofriendly, paraben, sulfate free, and are ONLY sold DIRECTLY to licensed professionals.

If you ever find either of these product lines online, they have been illegally diverted or are counterfeit, so be careful.

Our professionals will always make sure you are stocked up before you leave your treatment.  If you run out of your product and need something asap just give us a call (830-632-5452) or email us ( and we would be happy to get your order ready and have it waiting for you. We can also mail products to you! If you have a credit card on file in our booking system it’s extra easy.