Summer and Sun Tips

Summer is in full swing and so is the Texas sun & heat!  We LOVE fun in the sun in the hill country, and we encourage you to take advantage of the natural ability of the sun to power & heal our bodies.  Despite popular belief, the Sun is good for you… In fact, our bodies need it to function appropriately. 

Other than being a pure form of Vitamin D the sun has other benefits:

Sunlight kills bacteria.

Reduces high blood pressure.

Regulates the immune system.

Strengthens bones.

Improves sleep quality.

Boosts mood.


We also want to make sure you are equipped with knowledge to protect your skin while you’re out and about.  Here are a few pro-tips to get through these summer days.


1. Know what the Ultraviolet Index (UVI) is in your area.

The UVI is a rating scale—0-2 (low) to 11+ (extreme)—which indicates the daily amount of UV rays reaching the Earth’s surface in a given location. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) offers UVI forecasts by ZIP code. (There are app’s for your phone so you can know the UVI at any time.)

2. Know that certain medications make you more sensitive to the sun.

Sun sensitivity is increased by drugs such as acne treatments, antibiotics, antihistamines, anti-inflammatories and some herbal supplements. Double-check all medications for cautions about sun sensitivities they may create.

3. Know to limit your sun exposure.

Most sunburns happen directly from OVER EXPOSURE regardless of the amount of SPF you have on.  Monitor and be aware of the amount of time you expose yourself to the sun, especially during peak daylight hours. If you feel yourself burning cover up.

Did you know….

Early morning & late afternoon sunlight is the most nourishing for the body.  Try to get outside for 20 minutes during these times without sunblock or sunglasses to help your body nourish itself.  

Midday. Light is more intense at midday than it is in the morning or afternoon and is when most people will get overexposure burns. 

High Altitude.  The higher you go, the more intense the sunlight.

Reflective Light. You can also get burned purely by reflective light. Be aware of overexposure even when you’re in full shade and on (or near) water or snow.

4. Chemical sunscreen and “Red Flag” ingredients.

SAY NO TO CHEMICAL SUNSCREEN.  There is a direct scientific correlation to the use of chemical sunscreen and the rise in skin cancer.  If you and I (Nicole) have had a direct conversation about chemical sunscreen you know my professional opinion in detail.  

The short version is that there are many scientific studies that prove that Chemical sunscreens include ingredients that are direct Endocrine (hormone) disrupters. Most MASS-PRODUCED sunscreens are pumped full of parabens and toxic ingredients, including fragrances, that are harmful to your body.  

(Please see article linked below for more information).

The “red flag” ingredients you should look for are disease causing chemicals, carcinogenic, and parabens.  If you see these ingredients, put the bottle down and back away slowly; oxybenzone, octinoxate, octisalate, homosalate, octocrylene and titanium dioxide, avobenzone, color & fragrance.  

Your Refinery Estheticians have many options to give you excellent sun protection without harming your body. 

5. Adjust your diet.

Help your body to do its job by adjusting your diet to have high doses of beta carotene (AKA orange/ red vegetables) that helps the body minimize burning. Also add a teaspoon of Black cumin seed oil to your daily diet.  Black Cumin seed oil is extremely protective and helps the body naturally protect itself from sunburn. 

*Bonus- it repels mosquitoes!

We think you’ll like: Sun defense Elixir & Sun defense Bronzing Elixir

These amazingly formulated Elixirs are internal sun protection… Yes, you read that right, internal protection that will help you enjoy the sunshine guilt-free with enhanced protection that’s non-toxic and reef-safe. Sun Defense elixirs contain a clinically proven formula that helps reduce damage related to UV exposure and enhances the protective tan your body naturally creates without blocking the health benefits of Vitamin D.

Pro Tip:

How do I know if Sun Defense Elixir or Sun Defense Bronzing Elixir is right for me? 

Apply sunscreen all over exposed areas of face and body, leaving one arm uncovered. 

Take one dose of Sun Defense Elixir and monitor the exposed arm for signs of sunburn. No sunburn – you’re an ideal candidate for our Reef Safe Elixirs!

Sunscreens: The Dark Side of Avoiding the Sun