Mastermind Nicole Caffey

What is an Osmosis Mastermind?


An Osmosis Mastermind is an Esthetician, Spa or Educator whose skills and passion exemplify our values of being bold innovators who address the whole self and focus on holistic care to activate essential repair within skin conditions and the body.

All over the world, Osmosis estheticians are changing the way people treat their wellness and skincare concerns. Join us in celebrating Nicole Caffey! 


Congratulations on being an Osmosis Mastermind! We’d love to learn more about your journey and your successful practice in New Braunfels, TX!

NICOLE CAFFEY: I am honored to be a part of the Osmosis Mastermind group. I am so proud of what we are doing as Estheticians and Holistic Wellness Specialists. My passion for Esthetics and internal wellness has been embodied in this amazing brand. 

I have been an Esthetician for over 20 years. My spa in New Braunfels, TX embodies the holistic approach to skin and wellness, and because we are different and offer permanent change, we have grown quickly. 

I am always striving for excellence! I am a passionate expert and created a team that is dedicated to collaborating with each of our guests to refine their natural beauty. Osmosis has been so symbiotic with my mission and vision as an Esthetician and a business owner to truly make a difference. 

Tell us, what led you to become an esthetician?

NICOLE CAFFEY: I have always loved the beauty and wellness industry and to add to that I am by nature a caregiver. I was lucky enough to graduate high school with an amazing job at the number one spa in Boulder, Colorado. My original plan was to work at the spa gaining all the knowledge I could while working towards my nursing degree to go into the medical side of cosmetics. God had a different plan for me. After completing prerequisites, it was going to be a long wait to get into the nursing program. I decided to dive deeper into what I was doing and continue with skin care, and with the help of good mentors and friends I quickly excelled at my craft. As I continued down that path my love and appreciation for Esthetics grew. 

My journey in Esthetics has taken me down a few different avenues, but my passion has always been guiding my guests to achieve a better understanding of the whole-body connection to not only see beautiful skin but ultimately lead a healthy, happy, and full life. 

Please share a few highlights of your education and the people who have supported your journey.

NICOLE CAFFEY: Honestly, being able to be around so many incredible Estheticians and skin care brands from the beginning of my career really helped shape who I am as a professional. My original mentor was an incredible Esthetician and did such a great job of diving into my mentorship to pass her knowledge on to me. 

Then I was able to observe and learn so much from the senior Estheticians around me. I wanted to be excellent at my craft and I was so lucky to be able to learn from the best. I have had extensive training from lots of different skin care lines. Over the course of my career, I have trained in over ten different brands but the education I have received through Osmosis has been next level, there is literally nothing like it in the industry. 

And your Wellness Journey?

NICOLE CAFFEY: There’s a lot to share, but the condensed version is that from an early age I realized that our “health care” and nutrition system is terribly broken, and it is doing more harm than good for people. I wanted to live a truly healthy life so I set out to educate myself on what wellness meant and how I could achieve that for myself and my family. My husband has played a

vital role in my wellness journey. Being married to someone whose career passion is health and fitness strengthened my beliefs. 

In 2021 my health took a bit of a downturn. My body was in a severe inflammatory state. I was extremely fatigued, my joints hurt, I had unexplained weight gain, overall, I felt terrible. 

The doctors I went to for blood work told me that what I was experiencing was “normal”, which was so frustrating because a seemingly healthy 37-year-old shouldn’t feel the way I did. After my husband got a hold of my blood work, he realized that my T3 & T4 levels were significantly off and I was presenting all the symptoms for Hashimoto’s. 

I knew that I did not want to go on any pharmaceutical medication, so using Dr. Ben’s recommendations for healing Hashi’s I went full tilt into holistically healing my body. I did the full 6 doses of Immune defense elixir, immune activator, hormone elixir, and Regenerate. I also got on a protocol of injectable peptides and went on the carnivore diet with a few variations. 

Within 3 months my levels had dramatically shifted, and within 8 months I was in full remission. While a work in progress my body has healed, and I feel better than ever. I am so grateful to Dr. Ben and the work he has done targeting auto-immune illnesses to give an actual solution and not just a Band-Aid. 

Care to share about your own personal Wellness Protocol?

NICOLE CAFFEY: Sure! Currently I take Hormone Elixir, Ageless Vitality Elixir, Regenerate, Immune activator, recovery, and when needed digest enzymes. In 2023 I did a quarterly Immune Defense Elixir Hashi protocol, Skin Defense and 

Elevate, and I will continue that into 2024. I also like to do a couple rounds of Skin Clarifier a year for my gut health, and I still cycle a couple peptides… mainly BPC-157. 

What would be your top suggestion for how to invest in your health?

NICOLE CAFFEY: First, if you want to invest in your health, you must start today. Don’t wait until Monday or next month. Take small steps right now. 

Second, throw away EVERYTHING that you think you know about nutrition and our “food pyramid”! Our system is broken, and it is keeping people sick. Eat real food! Stop buying processed junk and just eat real food. There are many

places in the world that don’t see the amount of disease we see in the U.S because they eat what God gave us. Get good proteins, healthy fats, and salt back into your diet. 

Move your body, get sunlight, and pay attention to the emotional stressors in your life and work to manage them or get rid of them. Choose to invest in yourself and the rest will fall into place, and if you need help ask! 

Care to share a favorite client success story?

NICOLE CAFFEY: Gosh, it’s hard to pick just one…. I have a guest who had struggled with Melasma for years. She had done EVERYTHING to get rid of it…. Lasers, peels, hydroquinone, you name it. She was under the care of a 

dermatologist, so she was very hesitant to move into holistic skincare and wellness even though she came to me for monthly facials. 

After lots of education she agreed to do 6 rounds of Regenerate, Rescue, and Catalyst. Within 30 days her Melasma had already faded tremendously. Within 6 months it was gone. She was so grateful and is fully committed to her holistic wellness journey. 

What’s your favorite Osmosis product(s)?

NICOLE CAFFEY: I love them all really…. If I had to pick a few I absolutely cannot live without they would be Rescue, Renew, Refresh, and Nourish. I also absolutely love the new Flawless Makeup Line. In back bar the Facial Infusion cannot be beat, it does it all. 

How do you create such a high level of trust with your clients?

NICOLE CAFFEY: First and foremost, myself and my team always take time with our consultations to really get to know our guests. Learning about what our guest’s concerns and goals are is an absolute must for the success of our treatment protocols. Secondly, our guests really appreciate the level of education given to them. Taking time to educate and set expectations creates another level of accountability for us as professionals and guests. Education furthers our ability to treat our guests with full trust and understating on both sides in what we are working towards.

Do you have any advice for new Estheticians?

NICOLE CAFFEY: Soak up all the education and training you can. Don’t be afraid to stand out and be grounded in who you are as a licensed professional. It’s easy to get wrapped up in all the bells and whistles out there, don’t let that derail you. Decide what you want and go get it. 

What are you looking forward to in the future?

NICOLE CAFFEY: I’m looking forward to my time as an Osmosis Aesthetic Educator, the growth of the company, and watching holistic skincare take over the industry. I am also looking forward to a couple new business ventures that we are currently working on, one being to expand our spa into more of a wellness retreat. 

If you could give a facial infusion treatment to anyone past or present, who would it be?

NICOLE CAFFEY: My Ita (grandmother) Kenia Marie. I was a little girl when she left this world, but I know she was an incredible soul that was always giving to others and would have really enjoyed the pampering. It would have been such a treasure for me to give her the experience.